Sri Research Institute of Holistic Health care and Self-development

R Aruna Sri

Synopsis of Swara Samyoga Workshop

Abode of Happiness

This chapter speaks about aligning out thoughts, actions and deeds so as to make ourselves capable individuals. We need to prepare our mind and body to welcome the divine healing energy. This chapter covers those spiritual exercises those are meant to do this cleansing in us. During work shop this will be covered in the first one hour.

Rules of the Game

To invoke, strengthen and harness the healing power that comes from nature we need to abide by the laws of nature. This chapter speaks about the five yoga sutras that one has to adopt to abide by these laws. Living by these laws of nature we also practice stress management. These five laws are explained and the method of practice is taught in the next two hours.

Path of Evolution

A set of seven mudras (finger postures) are taught. These are called evolutionary mudras, since they bring changes in our consciousness and increase our will power to focus our attention on various chakras and there by attain stillness, a thoughtless state of mind. Therapeutic ragas are introduced with Mudras. This will be covered in an hour.

Power of mind

A set of visualisations are taught and capacity to due this visualisations becomes easier with appropriate choice of music and ragas. This will take half an hour.

Mantras for cure

Bheeja mantras and their tonal modulations are taught. Finally an integrated practice of all that was taught so far is introduced. Method of invoking, strengthening and channelizing healing energy is covered at this stage.

Participants will share their feedback after the practice. Practice tracks will be uploaded for their personal use. This procedure will take one and half to two hrs based on the response level of participants.


If more time is available a demo of dance therapy and other holistic health care practices will also be covered. A total duration of 6 hours divided into two halves with very light refreshment in between will suffice to teach the complete method in a day’s time.