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R Aruna Sri

​​​​​​​​​​Profile of Dr R Aruna Sri       

     An Engineer turned musician, Dr. R Aruna Sri served as an officer in the Indian Air force, which she gave up to pursue her passion for music. As a Music Therapy consultant, she has associated with several Social Welfare Organizations across the country, integrating Customized Music Therapy to therapeutic models and rehabilitation groups. She is pioneer in conducting Music Therapy for De-addiction in India and integrating Music to various Holistic Healthcare Approaches. In her doctoral research, she has revived the practice of Swara Samyoga, a technique to invoke one’s inner healing and devised a methodology for teaching and implementing the process in therapeutic groups. She has also broken new grounds, in developing a systematic method for implementing Music Therapy in diverse socio-cultural set ups, adhering to International standards. She has shared her experiences in various television channels, All India Radio (New Delhi) and published several articles. She has published a book "A Call to God" subtitled "Music therapy for Evolution", covering her research projects and experiences while evolving systematic methodology for Music therapy.

A Hindustani Vocalist from Bade-Ramdas Gharana of Banaras, also qualified in Carnatic Music, she brings in a unique blend of both styles in her concerts and workshops on Classical Music and Therapy. She is also the founder President of SRI-HHSD (Sri Research Institute of Holistic Healthcare and Self Development).

In her work about Swara samyoga she has retrived the long last tradition of chakra healing through music which has been referred in Sangitha Ratnakara and many other treatises.  Her work, in the field of integrating Music Therapy to de-addiction, was presented before an international audience, at Indian Musicological Society, Mumbai during Jan 2013. Also, she has conducted Music & dance therapy sessions for inmates of Tihar Jail since Nov 2012 for 02years. She has conducted lecture as resource person for CCRT (Ministry of Culture). In Feb2014 her interview about “Improving psychological quotients of small Children by learning Music” was broadcast by All India radio.   With an exposure to audience from both north and south, her concerts / Music Therapy sessions are tailor made to varying choices of people from different parts of India.  Her ability to sing both Hindustani, Carnatic Classical and Devotional Music in 06 different languages gives great scope for entertaining a vast repertoire of audience.  She is the founder member and Director of BRAAMIC (Bade Ramdas Academy of arts, music and Indian Culture).  She has published Music albums like Sant Samagama Kashi, Thitli Gathi Hai, Suraj Nikala (Learning CD for Children) and several other Music Therapy collections.  Since 2007, she has been presenting concerts focused on compositions by Bade Ramdas, every year, in order to pay tribute to the Gurus of her musical lineage. Also she has been organizing unique thematic events to nurture cultural values among children.

She has conducted many workshops in schools for improving appreciation and awareness about classical music (Vocal & Saraswathi Veena). She conducts integrated workshops on Music Therapy based Swara Samyoga ,Swara Sanjeevani Yoga and holistic wellness . Also, she presents Radha Vivah, Valli Kalyanam through musically woven Bhajan Sampradhay, Classical & devotional compositions. She has been conducting workshops for training children in Sampradhaya bhajan tradition. One can view her performances in .

She founded SRI_HHSD( Sri Research Institute of Holistic Health Care and Self-Development), in 2016, with a special aim of promoting balanced individual and social development. Her articles have been published in various journals and she has shared her experiences about Music Therapy in All India Radio ( New Delhi), RadioSai and Janam TV and many magazines.