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R Aruna Sri

Book release address by Dr R Aruna Sri

 Someone says there is no choice. Everything is preordained. But I feel life is given to you with 50% choice. The more you did a right choice surer you are to get one more of a  choice.
     A few years ago, I was give a choice between life & death. I chose life and that was music. 
     This book is about how Swami chose me to do his work of search. What was that work and how he played the game , sending his own messengers at every turing point  to guide me.
      This search is the path of evolution I walked and each and every one of you is going to walk with our dearest friend Sai.
      Wake up to see the new world where Classical Music will have its place for ever. Seek unity and drop your differences for we are here to realise peace. See the light in you and become the light itself.

All these messengers of divine love find mention in my acknowledgements. This work started in Mysore,  spread in NewDelhi  & is seeing its release in Kerela.  Is this itself not a miracle?

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